Track Premiere: January 11, 2021

'Clawhammer' is off the first release on Piece of Work

The new album 'Heirloom' by 羅伯特 (pinyin Luó bó tè) is out January 12th, 2021

‘Clawhammer’ is a nod to a traditional style of Appalachian banjo music that is both rhythmic and percussive. Watching a friend drone on his instrument in a bookshop turned live club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Robert was inspired to recreate that sound and sensation. Drawing on a patchwork of memory and imagination, a pursuit to recall that singular instance become an investigation of recollected stimuli and American history.

The reason this music exists is because of Black culture. Banjo music has Afro-Caribbean roots that led to ‘quintessential American genres.’ It is “an African-derived instrument”.

It is necessary to work towards widespread acknowledgement that Black Americans are the main reason the US and American culture exists. They built the country and made it possible for marginal people to enjoy freedoms. We must continuously attribute our efforts properly back to Black pioneers.

'Clawhammer' comes out on Robert's new LP - 'Heirloom' on Piece of Work January 12th 2012.



Track list:

01 Asphyxiation Accentuates
02 Calcified
03 Heirloom Brine
04 Clawhammer
05 Vials
06 Discharge
07 Deep Sea Servers
08 Guided Crossing
09 Final Floor


All tracks were recorded and tracked by Robert Yang, mastered by Alex Michalski of Grey People and mixed by Reede Reynolds.