Album Review: January 29, 2021

'Heirloom' is one of the essential albums for January 2021

Groove Magazine Reviews Heirloom

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Groove Magazine lists Heirloom as an essential album for January this year alongside many dance music luminaries.

"Heirloom has a variety of meanings like "(family) heirloom" and 羅伯特 is simply the Chinese transliteration of the name Robert, the name of the producer and DJ behind this album also known as Bézier. While he uses the latter pseudonym on his label miv. in which drum-focused dance floor records are ready-made, 'Heirloom' appears on the newly founded imprint Piece of Work and plays with transcultural tropes that are presented under an inverted key signature. Above all, the nine tracks are entirely in the tradition of Robert Yang's hardware-fed, wave-inspired approach, which uses a rough and pathos style that only occasionally presents itself to be very apt for the dance floor on this LP.

Alongside the pulsating “Clawhammer” and the hard techno-closer “Final Floor”, down and mid-tempo speeds dominate, in it a focus on glistening harmony arcs and complex melody figures, to create frictional effects combined with dry drum programming. Heirloom is surrounded by a cosmic haze, but also a harsh retro-futurism. It's a very demanding and at times even challenging sound that 羅伯特 is dedicated to on his project debut."

Read the review by Kristoffer Patrick Cornelis on Groove Magazine (lang. German).